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9App Download

9app Download :

9app Download : There are hundreds of alternative options are available of PlayStore over the internet. An alternative of PlayStore basically means that a place where all the content which includes games , apps and wallpapers etc. of the PlayStore are available to everyone. 9apps is one of the app store which provides the best apps and games for your android mobile.  You can browse and use 9apps through the website or by installing there officail 9app.

9app download
Name: 9App Download
Type : Apk
Size : 3.0 MB
Update : 02-September-2017


9Apps is owned by the Chinese based tech giant Alibaba Group. Alibaba group was founded 18 years ago in 1999. Today it is an accomplished company & a well known in the tech field. While using 9apps you are not only getting a great tool for your device but you are also connecting to a globally established company. So, You can trust the 9apps completely.

At 9apps you will get thousands of apps for your mobile. All the apps provided at 9apps are always verified first. If they contain malware/viruses or not. And there is no issues in the app only then it will be listed there.
One of the best features of 9apps is that it lets user download premium apps at free of cost. There are no hidden charges involved while browsing and downloading apps from 9apps.( Data charges may be applied )

Download 9apps

9apps.apk can be downloaded freely from their official website. 9apps supports multiple languages. Apart from English there are 14 other languages that are supported and 9apps can be found in those languages. You can use 9apps in your language. Thus improving your overall user experience and making it easier to use.

download 9apps

download 9apps

9apps is 100 percent secure for users. The size of official Android app of 9apps (9apps.apk) is very small. Thus it takes only a few moments in downloading. After downloading you can install the app and you can explore a large number of apps.

9app comes with a lot of features in it. The technology used in 9apps is very advance. By which app performs and monitors your favourite genre and displays apps as per your need. Thus showing the most relevant apps.

At 9apps you will find top apps & games listed. These apps and games are recommended by the professionals. Thus catering to your all needs.

The content  provided at 9apps is always of high quality and best.

9App Install

In playStore you can not download multiple apps together, if you are downloading an app at playstore and you want to download another app or game at the same time you will have to wait until the first download is completed but 9apps being one of the best app store provides you option of downloading multiple apps all at the same time.

9app install

9app install

The app provides you the fastest downloading . The apps downloaded through 9apps are downloaded faster than any other app store. The app uses enhanced technology which uses full resources of your mobile phone and increases overall downloading speed.

Features Of 9App

There are many more features in 9apps apart from those mentioned.

  • 9app provides a smooth user interface thus provides you a easy to use interface and smooth and easy procedure.
  • The design and color combinations of the app are user friendly and soothing. It does not put any strain on the eyes of the user.
  • 9apps has its own dedicated download manager which you can use to browse the downloaded files or to view your downloading progress.
  • The apps that are listed at 9apps are arranged in a systematic way and the categorization of those apps and games is very accurate. The games and apps are divided in categories which you can use to get your favourite apps.
  • Sorting function of the 9apps sorts the games and apps from most popular to most recent.
  • The app provides a search bar which can be used to search your favourite apps.
    The games and apps that are listed on 9apps are virus free . Thus downloading them from 9apps will not cause
  • any harm to your device.

In last we can say that 9apps is a must have app for your mobile phone.
A person can easily use it without having much knowledge of mobiles . So , final word is that you should install 9apps now.


To download and installing process of 9app is very simple just follow instruction and done.

9app download

9app download

  • Just click on download button and download apk file.
  • The file will be downloaded to your phone in a few seconds.
  • Go to Settings>Security> and enable “Unknown sources” option
  • Now, open the setup and Install.
  • That’s done. Now you can run 9app and download your application.

9App Download

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