Download Google Tez App

Download Google Tez App

Google Tez App : On Monday this week Google has launched its Digital Payment App Tez app in India. Google’s “Fast App (Tez app)”  launched the presence of India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley The main purpose of this app is to make digital payments easier. With the launch of “TEZ APP” Google has also stepped in the battle of Digital Payments Apps running in India.

TEZ APP will run on the Unified Payment Interface platform of UPI ie Government of India. For your information, let’s say BHIM App is also UPI based App. Google has launched its “Tez” app for both Android and Apple Plateform.


Through Tez App, people can directly take money in their bank account or transfer money from someone’s bank account to their bank account. Money sent from here will be transferred to another bank account immediately. Google has terminated the time it takes to transfer money into “TEZ App”. Now you can transfer instant money to anyone. Google has tied up with four banks for this. But it will also work with the four partner / associate banks along with 55 different banks which are on the UPI platform of the government and use it.

According to Caesar Sengupta, which is the Vice President of Google’s next billion users in India, it has been made for fast India and payments will be made as fast as cash cash payments or cash.

What is Tez app?

The interface of Google’s TEZ APP is very easy to use. To use this you do not have to be more knowledgeable about internet. It is very easy to use an app. As mentioned earlier, the direction of Tez App digital transactions is a step by Google. At present, there is a revolution of digitization of everything. And Google has tried to redeem the same spot through tez. With the fast app, you can send instant money to anyone through your mobile. Or someone can send money to you through a fast app on your mobile. The money sent from this will go directly to your bank account.

How to use Google Tez App ?

You can download the TEZ APP for android mobile from the Google Play Store or 9App and the Tez App for iOS can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Google App can be used in many regional languages. English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati are some of the major languages in which you can use the Google Tez app.

You must first select your language when you open the app. After choosing your preferred language, you have to enter your mobile number. This will be the same number linked to your bank account. After this the app will send from your mobile to a sms bank, after which you get UPI access from the bank. After that a new UPI ID is created and it is linked to your Google Account. (You must have a Google Account to run Google Quick App.

If you already have a UPI ID on the bank account you have entered, then you have to enter your UPI PIN on it. After this your account will be ready to use.

Google has done a lot of tests to secure faster apps. And Google’s security and trust makes this app even more prominent.
You can lock the Google tez faster app with a pin or if your mobile is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, you can lock your app with fingerprint. No one could use it.

How to Transfer money Using Tez App :

It is very easy to send and make money from a fast app. Inside the app, you will find a Payments tab, you will get a list of the contacts that are present in your mobile and you can send money to any of those numbers at a time. Along with this, you can also send money with UPI ID, phone number and bank account number. Apart from this, the Google Fast App is a unique feature called Cash Mode. You will not have to give it to the sender of your details. To send money to mobile, mobile is required to be around you. The tez app uses Google’s QR technology for this cash mode.

In addition to this, Google is giving many gifts to both the sender and the money sent to it. On sending more than Rs 50, Google is giving a scratch card to senders and takers. By scratch card, the user can win prize of Rs. 1000. The app has been bringing many schemes and will be brought forward by the company to get entrepreneurship so that I can spend time in the beginning. If you want to transfer online instant money and you want to use tez app then I should bring it.

Google’s involvement with the ongoing digital payments of India is proving that the future of cashless transactions in India is very bright. It is now worth seeing how Google’s tez app can turn cashless transactions into India by changing the mind of cash-rich people.

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