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Fidget Spinner Download : One of the Most Popular game to enjoy. Most relaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket! You have 5 swipes to set the best spin you can. Use your hand finger to swipe the spinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep the sweet rewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, compete with your friends and beat the records!

Fidget spinner apk
Fidget spinner apk
Fidget spinner game
Fidget spinner game




Each spin brings you closer to unlocking a new hand spinner toy. Can you unlock them all?

Fidget Spinner is a game where, just like with a real spinner, you have to spin this addictive little device around and around. To do this, all you have to do is slide your finger on the screen to make the spinner go as fast as possible.

Whats New :

The more you spin your spinner, the more experience and coin you’ll earn. When you level up, you’ll earn new spinners to play with. With the coins, you can improve the spinners’ attributes like inertia and braking. In total, you’ll find more than 30 different spinners in this app.

Fidget Spinner Features  :

– Realistic simulator with authentic spinning physics
– Dozens of more fancy and attractive fidget spinners to choose from
– Glow, laser and neon graphics shown even more details of the spinners

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