ManuSmriti Apk App मनुस्मृति

ManuSmriti Apk App : The Laws of the Great Sage Manu, or the Manusmriti is for the very first time available in searchable form in this application.

ManuSmriti Apk App

Its main features are : ManuSmriti Apk App मनुस्मृति

१. All of the main twelve topics discussed within the Manusmriti are displayed on the main dashboard.

२. All of the minor topics related to the main ones have been displayed in detail too.

३. The separate commentaries of four Arsh scholars (scholars whose scholarship correspond strictly to the letter and spirit of the Vedas) have been brought together for the application users’ ease of reference.

४. Other commentaries by other Arsh scholars as and when they become available will be added in updates.

५. Comments , or queries can be left after each presentation of a shlok and its commentaries in the comment section.

६. A copy paste facility has also been given enabling users to use the shloks and commentaries easily for their discussions.

७. Towards the bottom of the dashboard, articles by Arsh scholars related to the different topics in the Manusmriti can be read.

८. A search icon has been given on the dashboard through which any topic within the Manusmriti can be searched for very easily by just typing in keywords. Shloks containing the keyword or keywords can be easily retrieved in this manner.

९. This application has also links to the Pandit Lekhram Vaidik Mission’s Facebook page, You Tube channel and its main Manusmriti website

१०. Through the Quick Links option references can be set and easily accessed.

११. A ‘next back’ switch has also been made available.


An English version of the Manusmriti has been planned for the near future.

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