TV-On-Go Doordarshan App

TV-On-Go Doordarshan App : TV-On-GO for Android SmartPhones(with OTG/USB Host support). You can watch Live TV while on the move, in the park, in your office. Plz check coverage area of transmitter in your City. TV-On-Go is suitable for use outdoors. (for Indoors / Car Plz buy DIGI-DARSHAN Wi-FI Router)

TV-On-Go Doordarshan India
TV-On-Go Doordarshan India

TV-On-Go Doordarshan App :

Tv on go is a dongle, with the help of Tv on go, without any internet you can see all the channels of DD dish in your phone anywhere in your phone.
If you are traveling somewhere then you can still see your channel in your phone.

In order to get a service on Tv on go, you will have to buy a dongle which catches the Doordarshan signal, you can easily find this dongle at amazon, ebay or flipkart. Then you will have to download an app for dongles in your android phone.

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